Berti, quality flooring parquet

Berti’s parquet are high-quality parquet flooring, in all key markets around the world. The Berti brand symbolizes the extensive expertise and high quality standards in every single Berti’s board.

Experience quality made in Italy with every step.
Berti’s brands include Berti collection, that introduces the different wood species, characterized by carefully selected types of wood. In BertiStudio collection, the oak floor is developed between a selection of nuances and unique finishing effects.

Quality flooring parquet, wood flooring supply and installation.

Berti collection

Naturalness, elegance, modernity, warmth. These are the main characteristics of our wooden floor. Charming and classy sizes, this is our answer to the actual trends and needs of the market.

Berti Studio collection

The excitement of the mind, brilliant intuition, pure creativity, but mainly a source of inspiration. Choose your pre-finished collection or imagine your ideal floor with our On Demand solutions.

Diesel Living with Berti

From the mix of the unique Diesel Living touch and Berti’s know how born a 100% Diesel space.