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Berti is one of the main companies in the national and international wood flooring sector. Company's activity is based on two different (but combined) cornerstones: productive department and supply and distribution through a shops franchise. Berti's family, the company's founders, Mr. Giancarlo and his wife Rosanna and their sons Matteo, Andrea and Massimo have always been very careful to market's evolutions. Berti parquet, excellent finish wood flooring 100% Italian made, tastings and different atmospheres with a wide variety of styles.



Innovative production techniques, advanced equipment, smoothing, painting, finishing.

An old art like wood working, applied to modern techniques: Berti is constantly developing and evolving its production department. It invests a lot of money and human resources, in order to produce high quality parquet wood floors. It uses diamond tools equipment which allows perfect blocks: when installing our parquet will result perfectly smooth.

Thanks to the employment of the laser technology, sure enough, a simple wood plank can become an elegant art work, small pieces of wood, matched and jointed with taste, can give life to real masterpiece.


The parquet’s history that grow.

The result of three generations of family’s tradition, well known all around the world.

Berti Wooden Floors: the parquet’s history that grow. The company, founded by Cesare Berti in Villa del Conte, Italy, in 1910, is today Italy’s leading parquet manufacturer. For almost eighty years the wood, the absolute raw material of its art, marks the history of Berti.

Some milestones of our history


    Cesare Berti was born in Villa del Conte, in the Padua province. When he was only twelve he was already at work as an apprentice carpenter. In 1929, he branched out on his own and started a small carpentry workshop.

  2. 1950, NEW LOCATION

    Cesare Berti moved his business to a new location, a bigger one. He purchased a sawmill and for some time he focused on the timber trade.

  3. 1958, "IN.PAR. Industria Parchetti"

    Season of great building development: Cesare Berti established the “IN.PAR. Industria Parchetti”, a company specialized in the manufacturing and installation of wooden floors. Soon Cesare has to look for new supplying sources of raw material: as a start, he begins the import of wood from Hungary.


    The new generation steps forward. Cesare Berti and the sons Giancarlo and Silvano established the “P.B. Parchettificio Berti”, which since the beginning counts over 100 employees and it is the first company in the wood industry to employ the computerized lines for the choice of the wooden floor.


    The Company follows the market and the technologies development. Initially it focuses on the production of design floors, with geometric patterns inspired by the floorings of the antique mansion houses of the Veneto region and by other artistic buildings. Afterwards, thanks to the employment of the laser cut technique, it begins the manufacturing of innovative inlaid floors.

  6. 1988, NEW NAME

    Another change. The company name is changed to "Berti Pavimenti Legno".

  7. 1992, VEPAL

    Vepal S.a.s. was acquired, a Company that established itself during the years in the Italian market for the manufacturing of melamine-finished floors and of big size flooring boards.


    The market takes up toward the pre-finished floor: begins a changeover of the machineries, with the purchase of four new manufacturing lines. In 2002, it begins the production of the big size pre-finished. In 2004 three new machineries for the parquet pre-finished inlaid wooden floor were purchased.


    Berti finalized the construction of the new self-supporting warehouse. It contains 12.500 pallet spaces and a warehousing capacity of 1 million sq. ms of parquet flooring. All the loading and unloading operations are fully automated, thanks to Hi-tech hardware and software and the use of four robots moving on rails.


    From the mix of the unique Diesel Living touch and Berti’s know how a new partnership is born. It is a result of the research and the innovation on the transformation and treatment of materials applied on a collection of wooden floors, where
    several lay outs and finishings turn each location in a 100% Diesel space.

Some of our references


Geometric pattern floors, compositions and bordes with laser inlays.


President of the Republic. Geometric pattern floors.

KREMLIN PALACE – Moscow – Russia

Floorings for President’s Office, Katharina’s Hall, and all the others main halls and offices. Elaborate laser inlays floors and pattern floors over an area of about 6.000 sqm.

WINDSOR CASTLE – Windsor – Great Britain

English Royalty place of residence. Reconstruction true to the original of the floor destroyed by a fire. Laser inlays floors and pattern floors with Royal Family friezes.

PRESIDENT PALACE – Receptio Hall – Kiev – Ukraine

Floor with elaborate decoration in laser inlays.

PRESIDENTIAL PALACE – Astana – Kazakhstan

About 6.000 sqm of laser inlays floors, pattern floors, traditional floors and prefinished 2-layers floors.


Melrose Place, Los Angeles, California.


Berti-Studio Collection.


The most representive halls are: Theatre Hall, Dante’s Hall and Grand Hall. (Reconstruction true to the original gone destroyed). Area : About 2500 smq

BELVEDERE VILLA – Macherio – Monza

Silvio Berlusconi’s residence, designed by architect Mario Garbuia. Laser inlays floor with a wonderful chromatic play.


Man and environment.

Build and furnish the space of the man, so natural and healthy, respecting the life and integrity of the environment.

Who for decades worked with wood, learning day by day to know and love him, can only base his daily business in these two values. This is the choice that Berti did. American, european, asian or african, Berti floors are made of only wood from managed forests and subject to periodic restocking actions. All of them use as support birch plywood, which ensures better efficiency in terms of regeneration of the flora forest and environmental sustainability. The selection of supplies that present impeccable credentials, in terms of fairness and responsibility in the management of the reforestation of the places of origin, makes up with the increasing commitment to progressively raise environmental standards regarding the environmental impact of the production and healthiness of the workplace. A work that you do every day richer of attention and precautions. And it is in the very nature of the products Berti care for the health of those living, walking, working on its floors, as well as the contribution of energy balance of the environments in which they are placed.


The charity organisation "Mother Teresa".

Berti Pavimenti Legno is a company aware of social issues and works towards social responsibility. “Mother Teresa” is the demonstration, a constructive and social charity organisation founded on the awareness of the importance of human dignity, providing through voluntary work and a number of initiatives both financial and moral aid to the weaker groups in our society. Motivating and supporting local government to develop policies aimed at providing aid to the needy; supporting distance adoption programmes and missionary work; promoting fair trade: these are just some examples of how this Charity Organisation operates and which is aimed at above all at residents living in the local area, local authorities and who works towards increasing solidarity, building an awareness of aid, social justice and participation in local democracy.

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