Diesel Living with Berti

Diesel Living with Berti

A contemporary look with a classical geometrical composition and layout given by a shadowing effect. Playing with a paint applied with a gradient we create shadows for a three-dimensional impact. Black - tinted oak and washed out, like a Denim, and dyed in red. A special process conceived as a treatment on fabric, that gives to the floor a strong and sharp chromatic intensity. The camouflage patterns inspired by the traditional military uniforms is obtained with a special printing technique. This light printing let the natural wood’s texture visible to enrich the effect of two patterns overlapped creating a non uniform colour effect keeping wood’s qualities unchanged.


Cut Off
Special Cut Off
Special Rrred
Wood Camo
Special Wood Camo
Forrest Camo
Special Forrest Camo
Ice Camo
Special Ice Camo
Natural Shadow
Special Natural Shadow
Black Shadow
Special Black Shadow